Marbles have staying power, and we don’t want to lose ours. These simple, colorful glass balls have captured our senses. We love the clanking sound they make in jars and boxes and we love the smooth feel and colorful designs. Marbles have passed our time during long winter days and beautiful windy spring ones, captured out curiosity while dropping through our toy mazeways, clanked and rolled in wooden bowls, and even traveled with us on vacation. So, it’s safe to say, we want to keep them around. They have been a natural toy with many open-ended possibilities, and who knows what we’ll think of next…

Some more things we’ve done with marbles:

1. Roll them through paint, or just on any surface

2. Substitute them as game pieces and counters

3. Drop them through pipes and into containers

4. Shoot them from homemade popsicle stick catapults

5. Race them across different surfaces and homemade ramps

6. Organize them by looks or size

7. Use them for classic marble games



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