We have found the freshest smelling laundry is blown dry by the wind, that the sun dries faster than our clothes dryer, and that the sun is better than any bottled bleach. My mother was adamant about hanging clothes outdoors to dry, and I didn’t understand why until it became my task. I like that the clothes have a fresh air smell that locks into the fabrics and releases when dressing. I appreciate the sun’s help bleaching out stains, including cloth diaper messes. I also like that it’s cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Our little pioneers have been helping hang clothes since they could walk. They are excellent at pulling wet clothes out of our front-loading washer and dropping them into our wicker laundry basket. They shuttle the basket across the floors to our moveable wire laundry rack (purchased at IKEA – and an asset for hanging indoors and out). They like to sort and hang the clothes (this one is mine, this one is Dad’s, this one is red) and also peg them on outdoors so the wind doesn’t send them into the yard or the neighbor’s cornfield.

Laundry is inevitable, the fresh smell and shared chore make it valued.


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