Butter is made from cream and agitation. We’ve tried and enjoyed making butter just by pouring a small amount of cream into a small jam jar and letting the pioneer boys shake until they can’t anymore. That was fun and successful (and yummy) so we decided to try making butter in our mixer this past weekend. We looked at buying churns, they are expensive and we weren’t sure we’d want to keep making butter so we were excited to see we could make it with our mixer. We found organic cream reasonably priced at our “local” Costco, so here’s what we did.

1. AGITATION: We put the cream in our mixer and let it go to work after we let the cream reach room temperature. (We have tried the cream at varying temperatures and the warmer it is, the quicker the butter comes together and the more buttermilk we can save.) The photo above shows our clumps of butter.

2. SEPARATION: The clumps are now the “butter” and the leftover liquid in the bottom is the “buttermilk.” We put a tiny colander over a canning jar and poured the buttermilk from the mixing bowl into the jar which can be saved for baking use. Then we lined a large colander with a cheese cloth (or just a clean dish towel), and put our butter clump in and rinsed in cold water. We rinsed until the water was clear.

3. FORMATION: Our clean clump of butter was there! We rolled and kneaded out the water with another fresh clean towel and put in a small jam jar and form. We used some cookie cutters with a little patience just for fun.

We definitely will try this again. For more information on how to make butter try ehow’s article: How to make butter with a Kitchenaid Mixer.


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