A roadside find brought the outdoors in today, right onto our kitchen table. We were leaving the library only to see them throwing away solid wooden boxes, gasp. I’m not one to let a free item pass, so I put them in the truck and drove home. Pioneer Papa got two boxes to sort tools and I kept one for in the house.

We decided to make it our nature sort box. We have quite a collection from walks and travels, but it was everywhere… apparently waiting for my aha! moment, (or so I’d like to think.) Anyhow, it is a nice way to display our natural finds, we can sort them, play with them, stack them, and just enjoy them. After all, When Grandpa was a boy in the mountains of Italy, he used to pretend rocks were cars and we’d like to have the option too.

Pioneer kids got to appreciate natural materials inside the home as well as out, to appreciate rocks as mantles, wood as floors beneath their feet, cotton as quilts, logs as walls. Sometimes I think natural materials are forgotten. We live in the country with plenty of rocks, dirt, sand, water, and grasses beneath our toes and I thought this little box just might bring the outdoors in for us too.


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