Beautiful weather last night brought us to our pond, to test if our homemade wooden sailboats were seaworthy. The little creek wasn’t deep enough for the trials, so the boys set their sights on the pond and donned in muck boots we went for it. We started sinking in the soft mud as we encroached on the still diminishing pond’s edge and decided to turn around. Then the older boy’s boot sunk to the shin, and my reaction to pull him out sunk me deeper. The boys walked back to safety and my leg sunk to the knee! I pulled out my leg easily, leaving my boot sunk, and realizing I was in no danger when kneeling on the top, I decided to dig my boot out. I was already dirty and who the heck wants to buy new boots when these work perfectly fine? I’m not afraid of a little mud, the boot is saved, and the boys thought Mama was quite the “mud” worker.


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