We’ve been going into the forest on the property to enjoy it before it gets too wild. The obnoxious king sized weeds and ticks will rule there in a month, except for where we’ve spent two hours this past week clearing a path for summer strolls, our latest hopeful endeavor. While clearing this path, the lull of fallen logs created too strong a temptation to build a forest fort, so today we went in and started building as the path is pretty well finished. We dragged forest floor logs that the pioneer boys scouted from the deer trails, some cracking mid-pull, but some staying strong, and leaned them on a fallen tree branch. We enjoyed it and we’ll keep improving it…. those thorn bushes on one side just aren’t very “homey.” Yet, I through a blanket down and it prompted us to lay and listen for a while. There is something so appealing about the woods. They offer protection from wind and water, they reveal intruders through crunching leaves, it’s like a beautiful dirt smelling blanketed hug. Mother of boys know they don’t stay still for long, so we also visited our recent discovery of what is left of a deer skeleton, and a great jumping spot in the top pasture. Boys + motion = joy.



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