We found an ad in the local paper this past week for local eggs…delivered! How great is that? We are working towards buying as much local as we can, and if it is available, we can. We are going to plant our garden again this year, and anticipating farmer’s market season.  A friend mentioned to me that he saw our children’s generation going back to a local grist mills. How exciting that could be. For now, our grains and flours come from the United States and are organic. The organic milk we buy is actually pretty local too. We’ve driven by the farms that supply the milk to the market, that’s cool.

A wonderful book about the topic of local, and more so REAL food is Michael Pollan’s book, In Defense of Food. This book really opened my eyes to “food ingredients.” SEE LINK HERE. We have also been enjoying Mother Earth New’s input on the health of natural foods. They claim hens that roam lay healthier eggs, less cholesterol, more of the good stuff. The pioneer boys love shopping farmer’s markets and are excited about our new eggs.



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