I recycled the plastic Easter eggs to Grandma and Grandpa. I kept them since last year, handed them back, they sighed, “We could have just bought new ones, you can just recycle the plastic.” I’m still teaching them about the REDUCE and REUSE parts. Anyhow, I knew if I pushed those out the door, I would be inspired to come up with a reusable, non-plastic egg alternative. I did.

I have an adorable knit pattern from Itty Bitty Toys by Susan B. Anderson. It is an egg that flips into a bird. I made those for the pioneer boys, and thought I could just make the egg with the slit in it for candy. I am making the eggs smaller than the original pattern and am varying the eggs’ colors and yarns. They are going quickly because they’re small. Our older pioneer boys asks, “How many are you going to make, like 100 or 20?” I smiled. I’m thinking a dozen. No need to be greedy. I am making colors that I can decorate with in a basket year round. They are stuffed with raw wool for now, will be unstuffed and serve their candy purpose in a week or two, then can be restuffed, played with, and decorated with. Here are photos of one egg, showing the slit and how it can hide for decorating.


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