Our pioneer boy – soon to be birthday boy – got to make his own birthday candles this morning. We used saved wax from expired candles, and some lead free wicks I purchased. We learned how easy it is to make candles at a pioneer type tourist spot this past fall, where our older pioneer boy got to make one.

The easy way to remember is three w’s: wax, water, wipe. So, we melted our wax in a double boiler, then he dipped the long wick into the wax, dipped into the water, then gently wiped straight down. He layered it up, and now he has birthday candles.

Since we had the wax going, we also made some more fire starters for camp fires this summer and wood stove fires in fall and winter. We filled small small paper cups with sawdust and wood shavings to the top, and then poured in the paraffin wax. These fire starters are very reliable!


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