Now, I know pioneers had living lawnmowers, animals. But as much as I hope my dogs would mow the grass, they won’t, or more likely they’ll get sick. So, we need options. We do have a lawn tractor, but I do use the old-fashioned push mower as much as I can. The no gas using, push with all your might model I bought new for $75 over ten years ago. I love it. It whirs and my heart pumps quickly as I push and push and I watch the short little green blades lay down a carpeted path for my feet.

My older pioneer boy’s eyes lit up when he saw that contraption come out of the garage this year. It’s been in hiding because little pioneer fingers don’t need to be near it, but as our baby years fade, and listening blossoms, they can experience more. The older pioneer boy can push it (always supervised) and LOVES to do so. He and I have promised to Pioneer Papa that we will maintain the strip around our ten fruit trees. This will help him, as maneuvering around them is difficult and the trees have bark missing as proof. I like to think of the gas saved, exercise gained, and the earth sustaining principles practiced, as we both push.

I once read an article that said women today burn fewer calories doing housework and consume more calories in a day than women in the 1950’s. Just the act of washing dishes in the 1950’s was more than loading the dishwasher. When my heart pumps as I push, when I huff along, I know that my body is benefiting, my example of incorporating exercise into your lifestyle shines for my children, and Mother Earth’s air is a little cleaner. This makes me think about the pioneers WALKING across the prairie, WALKING hundreds of miles, and the chores they must have done daily to survive. What a shining example they are for all of us.


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