Every time I go outside my neighbors stare… but I don’t mind, they’re friendly enough, they’re quiet, they don’t litter and they don’t complain. They’re cows. I’m being silly of course, but honestly I must say, I love the privacy of living in the country. Sometimes we don’t leave our house but once a week, and then I hear, “Really? Do we have to leave? Can’t we just play some more?” Running errands sucks so much valuable playing, tinkering, baking, sewing, mowing, and hiking time. We have plenty of wonderful things here to do. Why drive ten miles to town to buy bread when we can make it? The privacy also means I can also just be myself without ever wondering what the neighbors are thinking. Plus, I don’t get caught up in gossip about others, because the cows, well, they just don’t ever have a bad thing to say, well not to me anyways. Now that I think about it, maybe that’s why they are staring, they’re wondering what that silly head scarf is I’m wearing while playing pirates with the pioneer boys…

I don’t think the pioneers on the prairie were very lonely. Sure at times even we do need to get out, but the steady time invested at home provides us with a flowing stream of fun ideas instead of us drying up. I think this is because we just follow our interests, which lead to more, and we have time to think up a project, dig up what we need, and follow it through. This in turn is exciting and a catalyst for some new idea and so it goes.


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