Our forest trail has brought spring guests, edible plants! We have been harvesting wild blackberries (or black raspberries, we’re not sure) and morel mushrooms in previous years. Now, we’re diving deeper, all because of some unknown to me beautiful white spring blooms. Turns out they are Cutleaf Toothwart, harvested for their roots which help toothaches. Pretty exciting. Unfortunately, or rather more fortunately, we do not have any tooth troubles at the moment, but now know where to go when we do. Even more exciting is the discovery of a website that lists over 7,000 edible plants, Plants for A Future. This site helped us identify our plant and got us excited about the idea of harvesting more plants.

Another wonderful resource we have is Growing 101 Herbs that Heal: Gardening Techniques, Recipes, and Remedies by Tammi Hartung. Whenever we discover a new plant, my pioneer boys say, “Mom, can we eat this one, look in your book.” I find I have been carrying it around more often. Pioneer Papa has suggested I photograph our edible plants in bloom and catalog them. A great idea, perhaps it will just be included here.

Sometimes I’m ashamed to find I have something right under my nose that would work or solve my problem, but I have purchased something instead. It’s so silly of me to not know what is here, what is naturally available, what requires no gas to gather, what is freshest and viable. Why do I purchase tea? I have plenty of plants here to fulfill my tea needs, so here we go, us Pioneer crew, out to the woods to find some tea… I let you know when we do.


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