I am a lover of things once-loved. You know, the castaways that are no longer wanted. I feel it’s a weird trait, but me nonetheless. So, I found a quilt at a garage sale with a nasty hole right in the center, but loved the fabric and bought it for $1.00. Of course. I was glowing! I wanted to share how I revived it, perhaps you can revive a damaged quilt yourself.

I pulled all of the binding with a seam ripper down to where I would need to cut across. After I pulled the binding out, I cut across the blanket just shy of the hole.

I then restitched the binding on by hand around the new edge of the blanket all the way until about 2 inches were left. My youngest pioneer enjoys sewing. I position the needle and he will pull it all the way through. He helped on this sewing project yet again.

I laid the two pieces of binding in each other close to the blanket and gave a trim leaving about 1/4″ extra length.

I put the right sides together and sewed a 1/4″ seam.

Then I turned it right side out and just stitched the final binding section on (finished photo is at top). With the leftover from the other side (on the other side of the hole) I made a yoga mat and some pot holders. The pot holders are double layers serged together and they are very effective.


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