The pioneer boys and I pruned the apple trees a few weeks ago. I couldn’t just compost the branches because they are a lovely smooth straight branch that I knew we could use for something. I decided to try weaving with them because some of the growth was very pliable. I made an entry way summer sun or flower or spider with too many legs, whatever our mood dictates. Here is a basic intro to weaving.

Gather 6 branches, put them in two groups, laying 3 on top of 3 in an X pattern.

Take your strongest of your tiniest, most pliable branches and weave up over one side, around under the next, over the next, and under the next until your branch can go no further. Tuck in the end in any way that is secure.

When you’ve worked around with a few branches you can now spread the group of three branches and weave inside these as well.


Weave as long as you wish. You can form a basket by shaping the branches upward while weaving. My grapevine attempt is pretty lopsided, but strong. We’re going to use it for harvesting tomatoes from the garden in a few months.  I decided to stick with flat for this one as entryway art.

I just added some wire berry vine to make it summer sun ray wispy. I think it will be fun to collect and display flowers and let them dry in the center for fall. The pioneer boys sure are nature collectors! We have a hydrangea that makes big, beautiful blossoms, tall wild grasses, even corn. I’m excited to see it in a few months.


I added wild phlox and flowering shrubs on May 30th. Here is what it looks like:


2 thoughts on “Weaving with spring apple branches.

    • I’m so desperate for a Willow Tree! I wish I had those pliable branches. Just experiment and soak the branches in water for a few hours if they don’t seem pliable enough. Also, grape vines, wisteria, any new first year growth.

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