We have a long, long driveway. One that sets us far back off of the road. There are many benefits to living so far off the road like safety, privacy, peacefulness, and a private country road. Our driveway is long enough that an evening summer stroll down the driveway to get the mail is very pleasant and we have no passing traffic on the driveway to worry about. During the day we meander down the driveway for fun, to see what rocks we can find, to have the wind sweep across our faces, to survey the changes taking place in the land, to watch for animals. We also like to go to a gate that we climb up and yell from to a barn, the best echo spot we’ve found. Year-round we’ll talk about “echo” as a location, not only a thing. We’ll walk down to echo, we’ve dragged all of our friends and family to echo, and we still enjoy echo. Echo was once a fun thing to do, echo has become a place for us to go, and one day echo will become a place in time.


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