We had a really great airplane kite we got for FREE from a garage sale. It had triple stacked wings and it was so windy here, it would snap our kite string, fly away, and get caught in our oak trees. We rescued it three times, but it definitely didn’t look so great, especially because it was handed down already. I couldn’t throw it away, I always have these visions of towering garbage dumps and it motivates me to figure something out before it’s final stop, the dump. Anyhow, today I was flipping through a kid’s nature craft book and it had tissue paper kites on sticks. Bingo! I cut the kite fabric, the boys and I sewed it back together, and repurposed the sticks that held our old kite wings rigid. I do believe an old umbrella would make a great kite too. However, I just tore one apart and am planning to sew a barber cape for our little guys. We like the short hair look.


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