I’ve been experimenting with ways to add curls to my hair, without hours of time invested, or tons of products. Rag curls. I cut strips of fabric, learned how to roll them correctly, and have slept on them with great success. They “train” my hair while I sleep into a curl position. When I wake up and slide them off, the look terrible and very kinky. If I comb them it gets worse. But, I remembered from watching What Not to Wear YEARS ago, how to fix this problem. Every time I take a curl out, I immediately recurl it with my curling iron. This takes very little time, and fixes the tight, kinky curls into longer, looser curls. To me, this method is successful, I apply no hair spray and the curls stay in all day, even in our windy location. So, the pioneers have inspired me yet again, rag curls rule!

Here is how to roll a rag curl.

1. Take a wet segment of your hair and tie the rag around it in a knot. Slide this all the way down to the end of your hair.

2. Essentially this becomes your curler. Roll this rag knot all the way up to where you want it, (I go to my scalp) and tie once again. It holds easily all night, you don’t need to knot it here. (The small knots don’t bother me while I sleep, I’ve used curlers before and they aren’t pleasant).

3. Unroll in the morning and recurl with your iron if you choose.

Here is a photo after I recurled quickly with the iron.


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