Behind our bedroom is a little sliver of edible landscaping. This tiny section of land bordered by a sidewalk, cornered by our deck and sprinkled with gutters lended perfectly to a little strawberry garden. We have a larger garden, and it’s not far from the house, but pioneer papa and I wanted something behind the house. We thought of planting some shrubs, but edible landscaping came to mind. We planted 9 strawberry plants, and they spread and blossomed into a little patch. The best part is, they are right by the back door, so it’s easy for us to browse, grab a snack, and weed the little patch. The dogs even enjoy a little nibble. They have been so successful, we’re going to tear out some hostas in front for more edible landscaping room.

Here is why we like edible landscaping:

1. Our food is conveniently located just out our door, we can’t miss weeds, bugs, drought or fruit. They prompt us to take care of them, not out of sight, not out of mind.

2. We are getting the freshest, organic, locally grown fruit instead of looking at some random shrub.

3. The back of the house looks good. The garden is cute and maintained. Who wouldn’t want a cute garden that also feeds the family?


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