Browsing at the grocery store the other day, pioneer Papa was feeling like we should get some vanilla ice cream and have a good old root beer float. We have loyally purchased Breyer’s ice cream for years, as the ingredient list was short: sugar, cream, milk, cocoa. Perfect. We checked it this past weekend and the list was indeed different, it now includes corn syrup. Not perfect, not even organic either.

We have had an ice cream maker for years, a wedding gift perhaps? We have used it successfully, loved the results, but frankly not the cost. The cream always got us. Anyhow, our butter making success has driven us to find a good, organic, lower cost cream. We found it at Costco! We always purchase enough cream for butter making and ice cream making now. So, we have the maker, we have the desire to eat organic, homemade ice cream, and the small ingredient list. Above is a scoop of today’s chocolate.

Ice cream makers are simple, easy to operate and truly produce the creamiest ice cream you’ve ever had. Ours is electric and small enough to fit under the cabinet. We just have to remember to freeze the bucket the night before, but frankly with the little pioneer’s reminding me, that’s rarely a problem.



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