As a child I grew up in the suburbs and never knew the fun of an auction. Upon moving “out a little further” my husband and I, newlyweds, learned of the fun and value of a great country auction. He collected up tools and I collected up decorations. We were spending the day together and slowly and cheaply building up tools for our abode.

Later, I read The Millionaire’s Mind and clearly remember something about auctioneer’s children knowing the true value of money. The point was that very little items we purchase at Wal-mart and Target hold their value. They are impulse buys that end up in garage sales, auctions, resale shops, and sadly landfills. Auctioneer’s children see these week after week, and have a pulse on the real value of an item – its resale price. We continued to shop at auctions when I was pregnant, and the small amount of baby items we NEEDED were purchased.

Anyhow, we hit up a little auction this morning, our family and grandma and grandpa (auction newbies). I scored a new (old) hand cranking butter churn. We are all excited to try our new (old) butter churn which cost us only $35 and I’ve seen them new for $139 in Lehman’s Catalog. I’m not making fun of Lehman’s, I purchase from them on occasion, I’m just saying if you have the patience, try a country auction. You might just find something you’ve been looking for, your children might just learn how stuff accumulates and how little used items can be sold for, and if you’re really lucky, your Dad might buy you a homemade chocolate cookie, like mine:)


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