My mother-in-law chuckles when I churn butter by hand and my mom insists a “real” vacuum is cleaner. However, the area recently flooded, we were without power for over 60 hours and the roads were not quite passable, and my mother’s knew we were just fine.

When we make decisions, we really try to be natural and practical. We have a back up generator to run the refrigerator, (no old ice box here…..yet), we have filtered water stored in the basement and plenty of non-electrical devices to get us through the hours. Just to be sure, we are not scared of electricity reliance, grocery store foods, or every impending natural disaster. We just prefer to take a few moments for when the reality hits.

Some of our neighbors’ basements flooded and my husband spent long hours helping repair roads and clean out damaged articles. It’s very practical to prepare for natural disasters for you and your children. The Red Cross website has many ideas for preparing which take very little time, but save you immense trouble and fear. Visit http://www.redcross.org for more ideas.


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