I just checked out a sewing book at the library called Linen, Wool, Cotton: 25 Simple Projects to Sew With Natural Fabrics by Akiko Mano. It’s well laid out, has practical, usable projects, and it’s clean look is just nice to page through. I liked the lunch sack pattern, but focused on another project. Anyhow, a local garage sale found $1 of mine spent for two old flour sacks and I now had the inspiration to make the lunch sack. I mean, come on, a sack sack.

Sewing the sack was fun, quick, and the lunch sack is actually better than the previous one we owned. The project literally took less than 15 minutes with my serger. Plus, our old bag gained new employment via ebay. The pioneer boys can easily manage this sack over the zipper of the old one. Best of all, I like the look of our new sack, it’s simple and fits us well.

It’s like a wonderful children’s book I’ve read to the boys, Joseph Had a Little Overcoat by Simms Taback who has a coat that gets resewn many, many times, until it’s a small button. The sack was fabric just waiting for a little inspiration.


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