The sunflowers are blooming, the tomatoes are ripe and the plants heavy, melons are growing day by day and we are…. leaving? I always thought the best time of year was September. All of our digging in the dirt, planting, weeding, watering, sweating, it’s done. Now days are cooler, food abundant. Some good reason has to tear someone away from this. Work.

We are piling our family of four (and three, large, elderly dogs) into a large motorhome for a winter in warmer weather. Pioneer Papa was offered a job that he is so excited about and we have been packing our most important books, clothes, kitchen utensils, and toys for the long RV park stay.

I’m excited about a new, warmer location, the fresh resources, and job. We have located local homeschoolers and will join in the fun in two weeks. Our space will be small, but our options will be plenty. So, bye, bye harvest, treat our friends well. We shall meet again.


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