I have decided the plastic toys in boxes aren’t really appropriately displaying Santa’s elves’ building skills. So, this Christmas the plan is to hand make every present that goes under the tree and to purchase gift cards to fun places for the family. The challenges are time, space, and hiding from little sets of eyes. I hope to feature some of the toys here so you can also make and give homemade gifts any time of the year.

Some of my favorite toy catalogs to get inspired gift making ideas from are:

www.bellalunatoys.com and www.thewoodenwagon.com


What you need>

1. 4×4 chunks of wood

2. Rope

To make>

1. Cut your 4×4 into chunks that you feel are the appropriate height for your child.

2. Sand the edges. (My sons fell often and even cut their ankles. We learned the hard way.)

3. Drill a hole near the top all the way through.

4. Thread your rope through and tie. Your stilts are complete.


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