Our homeschool organizer was so gracious in sharing winter greens and wreath ideas with us. My older boy and I just got done making a wreath, and we thought we’d share how.

What you’ll need:

Floral paddle wire – green is best

wire hanger – unwind into one long strip

greens and berries

wire cutters

1. Gather your greens and place on your wire hanger strip, rip off a little of the leaves near the bottom of the stem to give you a wiring area. Grab your paddle wire and start winding around the base of your little green grouping. You basically just make acute little green and berry group and secure it tightly to the hanger. Then set your wire aside, but don’t cut it, just keep reusing it with each new bunching.

2. Layer a new bunch of greens and berries, making sure to cover your wired area. Continue this bunching, laying, wiring until you run out of get to the end of your hanger.

3. Take both ends of your wire and bring them together, secure the wire, and wrap with paddle wire.

4. Hang wherever you call home:)


2 thoughts on “Making a Fresh Wreath.

  1. It looks beautiful Brenda – sad I missed that one! Life has been ridiculous here lately though 🙂 I got a flat tire after our little field trip on Friday, then the washing machine flooded the basement Saturday am right as I discovered that our cat had been in the wars – had to take her to the vet today to get stitches – plus our hot water is being temperamental. Slowly getting things put back together and am longing for a “normal” kind of day!

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