My son has fallen in love at age six… with a stuffed puppy he’s calling Biscuit. When he was a baby I had stuffed animals galore, and got rid of most of them. I’m not quite sure why babies are given stuffed toys, perhaps because they are soft? I tried to puppet them in front of him, for perhaps a smile, I’d tuck them in by his side, and he’d knock them off the couch. I just couldn’t figure it out. Anyhow, it took a gift card from his aunt and a trip to the book store and he knew Biscuit was for him. I recently read that stuffed toys really become important at his age, and in fact help him see things from another perspective. I see that’s true. Even little brother has a fondness for Biscuit now. We’ve had him since September and he truly is like a pet. (Perhaps more of a seeing eye dog as he is allowed in many stores as well.) The boys have made amusement parks for Biscuit, swings and parks, we’ve had countless birthday parties, and every night he’s tucked in by my son’s side. I looked down at the breakfast table today and the photo is exactly what I saw. Two little boys eating fresh banana muffins, and a plate stand, turned “camping chair” for Biscuit and had to smile. I really enjoy watching my little guys grow and love.


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