For school group’s celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, I put together a quick rainbow treasure hunt. You could do this any time of year, of course. The kids really enjoyed it, so I thought I’d share.

Needs: felt or felted sweaters, ribbon, dried beans, silks (Not all are mandatory, don’t skip this fun because you don’t have the right color of something, just substitute).

1. Make bean bags out of felt or felted wool sweaters. Ours were felted sweaters because I had the right scraps on hand. I just drew out a cloud shaped, stitched them together and stuffed them with dried beans. Leave the bottom open for stuffing in the beans. There is no need to flip them inside out. I sized them for children’s hands.

2. Stitch in a ribbon loop when your cloud is stuffed. When you stitch the bottom closed, include a little ribbon loop (see photo with yellow loop at bottom of cloud.)

3. Purchase and precut Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple ribbons. I cut them about 12″ long, so I would just use up the whole roll for the 18 clouds I made. This just depends on your needs.

4. Stuff your ribbons in your silks. Get out your silks (or just be creative here, use paper pockets, fabric pockets, whatever you have on hand) and put each pile of precut ribbons in each silk. See photo.

5. Hide. I then hid each color around our outdoor play area.

6. Draw locations on a map with colored dots and let the kid’s go hunting. When they find a color silk, they dig inside, grab one ribbon and attach it to their own cloud. They then leave the rest undisturbed and head out for the next color.

7. Assembled rainbows. When their cloud was done, they could throw it up and have a rainbow all for themselves, and I gave each child a foreign coin because all rainbows need gold.

Have fun treasure hunting.




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