When the boys hear a rumble, their ears perk up unless the sky is grey. For it isn’t thunder their interested in, it’s the rumble of the neighbor’s John Deere tractors, Case Combines, CAT sprayers, and New Holland double wheel tractors. Friday was no exception. Our neighbor was plowing the field that is adjacent to ours and the boys rushed out the door without shoes or coats or cares but one, they wanted to see that New Holland tractor in action.

It’s something funny in our area, we are more likely to see and wave to our neighbors when they are in the fields then on the roads. I often see huge tractors, combines, heck,  I’ve even see an excavator in our yard, and look out and see my husband talking with the neighbors. I’ll then see the two little pioneer boys climbing as close as they can to the equipment. I guess that’s because the roads are less full of traffic, our house sits too far back off of the road, or neighbors are gracious enough to stop and say hello when they are working. Anyhow, I know my boys love it, and I think it’s so cool they get to see real equipment working.



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