Today when we were walking I grabbed up a few dandelions to make a dandelion chain I saw in a book. I wasn’t very good at it and the dandelions kept ripping. So, I grabbed up three and started braiding. Success. Here is what I did:

1. Take three dandelions with the longest stems you can find and hold together as tightly as you can at the blooms. Braid the stems a couple of times.









2. Now working backwards braid up to the blooms just to tighten and get a good hold.They are bulky enough that they will hold together while you braid from here.









3. From here just gather new stems and add them in when your stem is short. Lay the bloom and stem on top of the one that is getting too short and keep braiding. Add as you go.









4. To make a crown, keep going until you have the length you like, and then slip the last of the braid in between your very first braided section. Pull until it’s tight.


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