We are at the farm right now mowing, weeding, cleaning, playing, visiting, cooking, and sorting wood to dry for winter burning.

Our friend’s cows moved in while we were away, and yesterday the last of the five babies was born. Have you ever seen a baby cow run? They could easily be mistaken for dogs the way the calves romp. I distinctly remember a phone call with my husband when we first move here, I told him I had to get off of the phone because the neighbor’s Great Dane was in the road. I actually didn’t know cows could be so little and move so quickly.


The weather has been warm and the boys came up with a fun game while I was cleaning the garage. They had a sprinkler going and built a fort to get out of the water. I was laughing while they were planning and playing.

We also unloaded our wood cuts into crates to dry for next winter’s house heating. This year’s wood is already drying from last year.

Finally we are planning for next trip home. New fencing, cleaning, and visiting.


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