Our house has sold. We close June 15. It has been for sale for four years. We’ve had 3 people look at it.

So here is the house I had my two sons in, the house they learned to crawl, walk, talk, run, ride a bicycle, ride a sled and countless other things. And while all of those things are so special to me, I know that is because it was my children, not my house.

Four years is a long time to take to sell a house and my nights in the dark breastfeeding my baby, I worried about what would come when the house sold. Where would we go? Was it right to leave? I couldn’t paint or rearrange because what was the point? At any moment we could leave.

Timing is everything. In that time my husband was offered a job in Nashville, TN. We thought, why not? Let’s go for it. We lived at a campground all last winter, and have been driving back and forth to IL to maintain our home and his job. Well, that chapter is coming to an end. I’m sure I will shake my head and laugh one day at our adventure. But, I’m sure the next one will be just as crazy because we don’t even have a new house to go to…

I will try not to reminisce too much in the next month, but here are a few photos from the years past.


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