Last Saturday I had a sewing day. We were in IL for a week and pioneer Papa took the boys to an antique truck show. He had a truck to display and the boys were anxious to go. I, however, was not. I have been in antique trucks quite a bit and my car sick stomach just told me to stay home. Besides it was a show I have been to a lot of years and the trucks were starting to look familiar. Which gave me an opportunity to opt out, stay home, and sew.

First off, sewing for boys has been a challenge for me because it feels like there are less patterns and I’m a beginner status. I don’t know if I’ve been looking in the wrong places or what, but a friend found and recommended Sewing For Boys by Karen LePage and Shelly Figueroa and it is wonderful. I decided to dive into the shorts because I forgot my older son’s pairs in TN, (the hazards of living back and forth between two realms). The boys left me with my sewing machine at the kitchen table and fabric in piles to be cut.

The patterns were easy to understand, and I made five pairs of shorts for the boys. Mostly I was limited by fabric not time. The best part was when they came home they tried them on and left them on. My older son said after inspecting them seriously, “Mom, these shorts are really like you bought them in the store.” How great is that?


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