I jest. But,we do have two gates that go across the driveway these days. We have six chains, thousands of feet of woven fence, and two gates to keep our cows in. I must admit, they are rather sweet. We are always looking for the cows when we pull in or out of the driveway, count them and see what they are up to. I have even learned to laugh after I stepped in a cow pie the other afternoon while pulling the boys down the driveway in a wagon to get the mail. Pioneer papa jokes, “the dangers of gated community life.”

Our goal was to have cows to be lawn mowers. This would free up pioneer papa’s time and fuel when we are in IL. He found a friend who has cows and was happy for the free pasture. We just learned they don’t like to eat the grass when it’s gone to seed, so some mowing will be necessary, but they are really doing a great job.

We are getting used to them and you’ll see from the photos they are getting used to us.

See my footprint from the other day?


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