I’ve spent the last full week, about 8 AM to 8 PM carrying, packing, sorting, labeling, and questioning stuff. All sorts of stuff. Stuff we think we need, stuff we like, stuff we put in a pile to get rid of, stuff we feel we have to keep because it was given to us, just a whole lot of stuff. And I’m wondering, why do we have all of this stuff?

One thing I dream about is a house with less stuff, and that should be under my control, so how does it get so out of control? The thing that is remarkable is that I’ve spent the last 9 months of my life living in a bus with my family and all of our stuff at home, and I would not say the past 9 months have been a hard life. So, obviously life can flourish without it all. So, why when it is in front of me do I say, “well, keep it?”

Here is what my boys have been up to this week. It’s so utterly inspiring to see them play and have fun with literally no stuff around.

Beeswax Candy Shop. This game is great for a Mom with hands full. The boys make candy and I phone in an order to pick up. I give them themes for parties I am throwing and they make up the candy to fill the order.

Late Night Firefly Chasing. The fireflies have been providing all the entertainment. I love to open the shutter and let the children blur across the frame while they chase. They had fun with this and came up with some fun shots too. I love how my niece sat still in this photo while my silly boys swirled around her.

Ride the Rails. The boys know pretty much everything is fair game for them to play and explore. Just this morning they figured out their car seats fit in Papa’s metal tire ramps. So, they put them in and scooted them along like roller coasters. I love the two everyday items, meaning non-toys, can be used as toys. This is a real motivator for less stuff for me.

And if you have not heard of the Center for a New American Dream, please check them out. They are really inspiring in creating more fun with less stuff. Perhaps they are just overgrown kids:)

We will be leaving for TN on Friday.



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