Two weeks have gone by quickly, but things are settling. Since the sale of our home on June 15 we have…

…peeled our 4-year-old off of the floor of our house just after it sold listening to his tears of “but we won’t find another house so great as this one.”

…driven four 10 hour trips to get our items moved, with a few “are we there yets?”

…slept in 2 hotel rooms and swam in one of their pools.

…blown and replaced one trailer tire.

…driven by more than 50 houses to see which would be the best for us in Nashville.

…found one:)

…met the sweet new office kitty.

…met, fed, cared for and helped a new feral kitten with neck burns and worms.

…did not miss our two home school group meet ups in the HOT and witnessed the kids have a mud fight.

…found a sweet new song by Lenka called Everything At Once, emailed my sister about it, and enjoyed her response of “sounds like your life.”

…rented out our only dwelling (our bus) and stayed at the bosses house for a week.

…lived without a computer!

…witnessed my boys get excited about their new house and play with the new neighbor.

…late night talked with my husband about where our furniture will go and how our new house will feel.

…finally picked up my knitting and gotten back to the peace of some free time and






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