Days seem a bit longer now. We have our house picked out, but paperwork is being drawn up so slowly. Friday seems a month away just because I know it’s coming soon but I can do nothing to speed it up. Perhaps it is exacerbated by the rain, which I am not complaining about because we need it, but it keeps us locked up.

So, perhaps now is the time to reflect on life in a bus as it will be over all too soon. Our family of four and two dogs will have lived 11 months in a 1998 Prevost bus starting in September of 2011.

These are the ten best things about living in a bus in no certain order.

1. It’s easy to clean! Less space means less time cleaning.

2. The boys have some awesome fort areas in bunks and only two toy totes.

3. I can tell people I live in a bus which always generates lively conversation.

4. Gifts have not been “things” but rather time spent together doing fun “things.”

5. I know we can live with less, because we have.

6. We got to try living in Nashville, before purchasing property and being unsure about it.

7. We have become better conservationists of water. A tank in the bus will empty rather quickly for four people.

8. When we want to travel, we literally have everything we need with us without packing.

9. Weekends have been spent together, out and about. We have had no mowing, no honey do lists.

10. We are in a small space so we are always easily together.



2 thoughts on “Reflecting on Bus Life.

  1. Oh! I loved reading this post!! As a teen I lived with my parents and brother in a bus for over a year! But in our case it was a bit different because a. we had no electricity, b. all of our water had to be hauled from a hand pump well via 5 gallon buckets, and poured by hand into the bus to fill up the water tank, c. we were deep in the jungles of northern Guatemala (which explains the lack of electricity and water!) and d. instead of going to the laundromat to wash our clothes, we carried them about a quarter of a mile down a trail through the jungle to a small lake and washed them by hand on a rock… really! But I loved it all! These days life is much different (I live in east TN with my hubby and 5 kids!) but I would love to pack up everyone and hit the road and live in a bus again. The experiences and learning what it is you really “need” are invaluable! Can’t wait to read about your new home!

    • I’m telling you, I think we are all going to miss our bus life. Yes, it’s small, but you really do learn the value of things. Yes, there are annoying days, yes I cannot can in my kitchen, but this bus life afforded my children a wonderful adventure and change in their lives:) Your childhood adventure sounds amazing! We love to do laundry outdoors but I’ve not tried a rock.

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