Well, it finally happened. My boys both came up to me this morning and said, “we want to knit.” I was thrilled inside, but tried to keep calm and not kill the moment. We have tried knitting with my 6-year-old last fall and it was certainly frustrating for him. Today I let both boys choose the yarn they wanted and the needles they liked best (they both went for size 13.) My 6-year-old knit a few stitches with me holding his hands and then one by himself. I held my 4-year-old son’s hands and he knit with me. Tonight our 6-year-old showed Papa he can knit by doing one more stitch. “In through the front door, go around the back, out through the window and on jumps jack.”

I wanted to jump up and grab the camera to snap pics of them knitting, but I knew that would ruin our moment. Instead I will give you a glimpse of the happy aftermath.

Incidentally, this is toying with me because I’ve been thinking about unschooling this year. I have noticed the boys try reading, do math problems before bed, and ask to knit (big smile here). We followed a Waldorf curriculum last year and have it ready for this year, we shall see.


P. S. I would highly recommend larger needles and thicker yarn for boys. I see it’s easier for them. I would also highly recommend holding their hands and directing if they are inclined. I am planning on doing this with my younger son starting from now.




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