When we lived in the bus, we had very little room for extras. So, our record player sat in a box for about a year. Well, that sweet tune player has been found while unpacking and it’s lovely sound has us dancing in the kitchen. We have our mix of Jazz, Classical, and Seventies music soothing our souls this afternoon as we are wet felting for our first time. (I will post up our finished projects next week.)

Last week we listened to a childhood favorite poet of mine, Shel Silverstein, read aloud from A Light in the Attic, we danced to Mousercize (I remember it from my first grade gym class and refuse to let it go). We listened to Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel and Choo Choo Charlie which now I cannot get out of my head! All are record cast offs from the local library (then rural IL). I chuckle that I could still “check out” a record in 2011, and now they’ve discarded them… why the rush?

So I found this beauty at a garage sale for $8 , about 8 years ago. It’s basically a suitcase with a handle, and the cord slips in the back. I store it in our old cupboard and slide it out and bring it out to our front porch, living room, kitchen counter, and I know this winter it will be upstairs. It’s a Crosley CR49 and I’m tempted to buy another:)

It’s kind of like toys. Stash them away on the kiddos and it’s new again in a few months. I can’t stop. My record player has been a toy that keeps my feet tapping and my waist a wigglin’ while wiping down the kitchen. It’s old songs new again.


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