We tried our first attempt at wet felting earlier this week. We layered down a towel and bubble wrap and applied tufts of colored wool to make Autumn leaves. Lots of soapy, warm water, rolling, shrinking, rubbing, (a little grumbling), and unrolling, and we had felt. It dried in a few hours outdoors. I found a leaf, traced, and cut. I sewed on some veins and viola: autumn leaves. (See the full directions we used here).

I think they are super sweet. The boys really liked the color choosing, soapy sponging, and a little of the rolling. We made two sheets which yielded us 20 leaves.

We made these to insert in a piñata at our Michaelmas celebration for school group. After some eye rolls from the boys (yes Papa too) I also inserted one lollipop for each child. I think it will be so pretty to see these leaves flying everywhere tomorrow afternoon when that piñata breaks.

Some other fun events for our celebration, homemade food, obstacle course, archery, javelins, oh my. Great company and fun tomorrow afternoon.


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