When my first boy was about a year old I read an article that said smoothies are excellent in the winter. They have great nutrition to keep your immunity up and your nostrils lubricated to fight those typical colds. Yes, cold smoothies on a cold morning:)

I’m not a banana gal. Never have been. I tolerate them now, but honestly they just aren’t my thing. I searched over and over and kept running into the banana base of a smoothie. Bleh. So, I came up with our own recipe and we’d love to share. (Plus now when I just can’t find it, I’ll now have on online copy.) It’s just a basic recipe you can pick and mix the flavors to suit.

1 cup yogurt (any flavor)

1/2 cup jam (any flavor)

1/4 cup milk

2 cups frozen fruit

Blend and serve. Our photo is strawberry yogurt, homemade apricot jam, and mixed berries. Let us know what your favorite blend is, we’d love to try it.


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