A big part of our life is fixing. Wooden toys, holes in jackets, torn pages in books, you name it, we’ve at least tried. Yesterday afternoon I was lying on a wet floor in the laundry room jamming my finger down a tube pulling out wet dog hair, lint, and general yuck. My washing machine wasn’t allowing the water to drain and my drum was full. I called the manufacturer to see if they could help. They did tell me that they could send a technician, or I could check a spot under the drum that sometimes gets baby shirts or socks stuck in it. I wish it was a sweet baby shirt!

It got me to thinking about how our family really cares about fixing what we have. After all, our machine is about 5 years old. There are aisles of new ones at the store along with holiday discounts abound, so why do I care so much? I think it stems to a childhood nature center visit that focused on waste and landfills. It was eye-opening for me. I started policing family, quizzing them, “do you know where that goes when you throw it away?”

Papa helped us fix the machine, the boys used their tools that Santa brought last Christmas (a great choice Santa!, they are going strong) and it’s working great. Our tools are away, the dog fur clear, lessons learned about leaving change in pockets cemented. But I’m hoping the biggest lesson my boys learned yesterday is that if something is broken, you CAN fix it and it is most certainly worth the effort.


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