In my before Mom life, I was a florist. I was surrounded by beautiful hydrangeas, dahlias, gerbera daisies, ah the list is endless. I treated each stem with such care, arranged them in baskets and vases, circular, tall, slender, wide. When I had babies, there was less time for beauty. I was too busy, babies might put petals in their mouths, it just seemed so frivolous.

My four-year old is bringing that beauty back in my life. He loves outdoor fresh treasures and keeps picking blooming flowers. We are so fortunate to be living in the South now where the blooming season is lingering quite well. We have mums, dahlias, and zinnias hugging our house. The trouble is, we can’t see them when we are inside. So, we got our tiny glass apothecary bottles down and started bringing the beauty in.

The beauty that surrounds us does affect us. I see that today. When I have a moment I try to find a way to clean the space visually, to make it more beautiful, to make our lives more beautiful. Thanks, little guy.



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