Pioneer Papa was on Craigslist and stumbled into a listing for fruit trees at $12 each. Well, hot dog, we had to race over there and get our Southern orchard started! A wonderful older man told us he started growing trees and shrubs in the 70’s, and hasn’t yet stopped. He showed us his fine selection of trees and told us to pick whatever we liked. He was impressed by our knowledge and gave the hand wave, head turn, and sigh about most in our generation not knowing you could plant anything in Fall. He said that home improvement stores have most thinking plants are only to plant in Spring.

Anyhow, buy we did, plant we did. We are now proud owners of 10 new apple trees and 1 pecan tree. We probably have 3 years of pruning and plucking off the fruit to set the roots, then we can enjoy our harvest.

This is the third home we will have planted fruit trees at. I’m hoping to really enjoy the harvest this time. Seems we are a bit like Johnny Appleseed that way, plant and leave. But, all the same, we are planting food, maintaining an orchard, learning and growing alongside our projects.

Oh, and the boys mapped out the orchard. At least this time we’ll remember what the heck we’re eating:) Well, I’m not sure how helpful my 4 year old’s map will be… but hey at least he did something. At our previous home we planted trees, removed tags and a year later said, huh, I wonder how to identify that tree!


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