ImageWell, that weather is getting chilly. (Yes, I grew up in Illinois and yes I am ashamed to say “it’s chilly” when it’s 53 outdoors, but…. well…. I feel cold.) My oldest son was feeling that his pup friend, Biscuit, might want to fight the chill as well. So, he cast on some yellow chunky wool yarn and knit him an adorable hat with chin strap.

He used size 15 needles, cast on enough stitches to go round his head with my help, knit three rows, K2tog for the next two rows, and seemed up the back. A simple, quick, absolutely adorable hat for Biscuit. Biscuit is a busy fella and his hat just couldn’t sit still on his head so my son knit a chin strap as well. He cast on with help and knit a couple of rows, seemed it together, and oh my goodness, it’s just adorable.

I’m so proud of my son’s off the cuff knitting project. He is pretty proud himself. It’s such sweetness to see my son care for his pup so much he wanted to make him a warm hat. ImageImage


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