DSC_3974My sister is in love with terrariums which brought us into a cute little terrarium and gift shop in IL during our Thanksgiving visit. My love for flowers is a complicated relationship because I was a florist for 13 years of my life. I learned to dislike roses because I had too many thorns stuck in my thumb! I learned that hydrangeas are such big babies when it comes to lack of water. I learned that gerbera daises just cannot stand up on their own.

Some flowers are, however, much friendlier to me. This little shop had a display of bulbs for forcing this winter and I hovered, looked, looked away, and couldn’t help my hands from grabbing up some Narcissus. I explained to my boys how we were going to plant these indoors and how they will bloom with such strong fragrance. I showed them the picture of the blooms to come. I paid, tucked them into my purse, brought them home to TN and yesterday we planted them in some glass jars.

Forcing bulbs indoors is quite simple and very rewarding. The rapid growth will be exciting, the blooms adorable, the scent remarkable, and the white roots a visible link to life both above and below the soil.

Please note, if you plan on forcing bulbs indoors be sure to purchase bulbs specifically for this purpose. Not all bulbs can be forced, you need to purchase ones that have been cooled already.



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