DSC_3981My 7-year-old son was looking at his finger knitted garland from last year and wanted to up the ante. Inspiration hit. He dragged me upstairs to choose his yarn colors, grabbed three of them, held them together as one strand, and made an adorable garland and an ornament. I was impressed with his focus and execution, but the single most impressive thing to me was his inspiration. I could see the moment he invented a task and needed to execute it.

With his permission I am sharing how to make a single loop finger knitted garland:

Hold three strands of yarn together and tie as if you are starting to crochet on a hook, however slip it onto your thumb instead. This will make a circle around your thumb, slide it down closest to your palm.

Take the yarn and loop from the palm side, around the top of your thumb, and back to your palm. Pull the bottom loop up and over the top one. Slide down on your thumb so the chain doesn’t fall off. One chain done.

Continue chaining until satisfied:)

He also made a circle wreath ornament in the same fashion.



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