DSC_4070I have this great friend who is a patient listener, funny storyteller, inspiring mother, detailed artist, and all together a great resource. When she tells me about a book or resource, I KNOW it’s worth looking into. Her emphatic review of Painting and Drawing in Waldorf Schools Classes 1-8 by Thomas Wildgruber had me listening loud and clear. Shortly after I perused her copy (no easy task since she lives 10 hours away!), I bought my own.

I started with Year One, for my 4 and 7 year-old’s, and the art we’ve been making is abundant and colorful. My 4 year-old made the painting above. (I can’t help but want to scribe “We Are All Stardust” on it, it’s so galactic.)

Meanwhile, my 7 year-old and I have been chugging through, making piles of paintings and I got to thinking “What the heck are we going to do with all of these?” Enter my circle cutter, a holiday, some stamps, and some butcher’s twine. Garland. A Christmas countdown garland to be exact.


Every year we write down things we’d like to do each day until Christmas morning. So, I circle cut from our watercolor paintings and wrote down our “holiday to do list.” Then each morning we pick one, hole punch it, stamp the day’s date, and slide it on our garland. It’s a great use of the papers and a I think it will be an adorable memory in years to come. We will be able to reflect on the fun things we did years later.

DSC_4057This morning the boys woke up and wanted to do their own garlands as well. My 4 year-old was so enamored with the vintage stamps he got to work. They decided to do a “12 days of Christmas” garland for themselves. I love seeing their ideas come to fruition.

Some project notes: I have a circle cutter from my heavy scrapbooking days. I set it up on a mat on a clipboard for a solid cutting surface. The watercolor paper is thick, so I did have to help some circles along by hand with scissors.


4 thoughts on “Watercolor Paintings and Christmas Countdown Garland.

    • I’m so torn. I don’t know whether to use it as a background for some text, or just leave it alone. It’s hanging in frame in the hallway now. I love it:)

  1. Hi Pioneer Mom,

    I was pleased to read your message to my book Painting and Drawing.
    I would like to know what experience you further do with your kids while you are painting and drawing with them. If you have questions, I can answer them gladly.

    Can you even tell me who (inspiring mother ) wrote the book review, which you report on?

    Lot of joy while drawing and painting!

    Kind regards
    Thomas Wildgruber

    • Thank you so much for organizing your book in such a clear way. We can easily follow each task and have created remarkable paintings. This book is sure to be a reference for a very, very, very long time. We open up and use this book weekly. My boys are enjoying the painting process much better than ever. On behalf of homeschoolers using the Waldorf approach, THANK YOU for taking the time to make this!

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