DSC_4256We just finished up reading Paddle-to-the-Sea by Holling Clancy Holling. This is an amazing book about a wooden carved boat toy making the journey from Canada, through the Great Lakes, and into the sea. This is the type of book that will stay with us forever. In fact, from reading it, my 4-year-old pointed out the Great Lakes on a globe, while I was trying to show him Arizona!

And, to prove my point, we had some rushing water and our “sea” refilled this past weekend. Three days of rain built up our pond as it tore down a flowing waterway that feeds into it. This morning we put on muck boots and rain gear, walked the dog and checked on our handmade rock dock (that is now definitely underwater.) Wouldn’t you know it, the boys found where the water gathers and starts feeding into the rain stream and said, “Hey mom, I’m Paddle to the Sea!” See what I mean?

They walked along the path until they met our “sea.” What fun water play and a great story. DSC_4250DSC_4249


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