DSC_4341I was so fortunate to be able to host the Advent Spiral for our fellow homeschooling friends. It’s a group we are so fortunate to have found and are so proud to be a part of. (Above my boys are running to the spiral for a quick sneak peek after I had finished it.)

Each mother chipped in providing supplies for the event, including apples, candles, greenery, food, eating utensils, planning time, countless emails, posts and surveys, poetry, songs, and live music.

DSC_4330DSC_4369The spiral and greenery were assembled on Friday here while families sent thoughts of dry weather our way for the event Saturday evening. (It worked!) Every momma also put hard work into amazing food dishes to share Saturday evening before the spiral.

DSC_4377We gathered. We sat by the fire. We watched the children play.
We ate. We prepared the apples and candles (inside jars to fight the wind). We marched to the spiral led by a candle and beautiful wooden flute music. We shared a verse. We entered the spiral family by family. We read a poem about candlelight to our children in the center of the spiral. We lit the candles. We relit candles. We relit candles. We were happy there was no rain. We celebrated together.

DSC_4375And while this is a celebration about bringing light back out into the world, I find this is one celebration that makes me look inward. The beauty and the silence, wind and flute, flickering candlelight after a warm meal, families elbow to elbow all surrounding a spiral, they create a reverence. This beautiful evening in bed my family shared stories about the other beautiful families we are fortunate enough to be friends with. “Did you meet him?” “Yes, he just got back into town and was telling me about his trip.” “Did you see the boys loading up in the wagon?” “Did he find his boots?” “I need to get the recipe for that dish.” “Mom, he told me a funny story.” And on and on until our eyes could no longer stay open and our hearts were full. And in the darkness there is so much light.


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