DSC_4547One thing I know I will miss from my Illinois life (only because I never, ever, ever HALF to travel in it) is snow. These are the things I’ve heard about a Tennessee snow. “Don’t drive it in.” “People will run to the market and drain the milk and eggs before a snow.” “Leave work early if it’s snowing.” “No school:)” And so on. Mostly tidbits about getting off of the road, home, and safe.

Last year it snowed in Tennessee, which I’m learning is normal come January/ February. It was a swirl like one shake of a snow globe, it landed, it melted, I laughed. That wasn’t much snow. I know we won’t have the crazy blizzards that stack feet of white snow on the ground to be shed only in March. I will miss that beautiful white quicksand, the fresh dropped dusts and cute treaded trails of little fella’s boots, bundling up to shovel again and again in a day.

But, today, in Tennessee, snow is coming to confirm the winter season. Shaking, twirling, spinning, dusting. It started this morning. I looked outside, my boy’s brought their stuffed toys to the window to see snow. This snow is very special to us because it is a our first snow in our new home in Tennessee. We giggled, rushed outside, caught flakes on our tongues, and hiked through the snowfall. My youngest fizzled out quickly. “It’s cold. I’m going inside.” You know what, last week we were outside in t-shirts playing baseball. That’s pretty awesome too!DSC_4541DSC_4538DSC_4540


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